Comedian Guy Williams and Bachelor winner Matilda Rice have hit out on social media against Paddle Pops having a 3-star health rating.

“Remember kids, anything is possible. Paddle Pops have a three star rating in New Zealand,” Williams tweeted.

Rice, who owns a healthy meals delivery company, backed him up tweeting: “Few things get me riled up as much as the health star rating in NZ. They had a chance to really make a difference and they ballsed it up! See I’m riled up now! This is what happens!”

Health star ratings let you see at a glance which Paddle Pop is healthiest - except for those which Streets chooses not ...

Auckland registered nutritionist Alicia Dowsett said processed foods like Paddle Pops shouldn’t get any health star rating.

Wait, so you’re telling us Paddle pops ARE healthy? SICK!

We did see that Tim Tams are 1.5 health stars for anyone that’s wondering…



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