Dancing with the Stars 2018 champion Samantha Hayes has admitted she had no idea how tough the reality competition was going to be.

“I know it was going to be a challenge, but it has been a pretty hard slog. There were days I thought that I couldn’t do it,” she said, before adding that, “I’m not sure my body could have taken another week”.

When asked by The AM Show hosts what she thought was the turning point for her, Hayes cited the week five rumba.

“I had originally thought if I was just proficient, learned the steps and did things in the right order I’d be fine. But I learned pretty quickly that the judges wanted to see emotion and a vulnerable side. With the rumba, I tried to leave my heart on the dance floor.”

And with those high-energy and risque dance sequences, the duo have unsurprisingly sparked whispers that she and Aaron could be dating.

“One of the big bonuses of this competition is that I now have a true and lasting friendship with Aaron,” she told More FM’s Breakfast Club. While Sam became newly single at the start of the year after splitting with paleoclimate geologist Jacob Anderson, it is unclear what dad-of-two Aaron’s relationship status is right now.

Dancing With the Stars runner-up Chris Harris believes the reality competition final was decided more on popularity than dance quality.

Harris said he thought Hayes was “way in front” heading into the final night but had a feeling the way he and dance partner Vanessa Cole performed was enough to get “a few” votes. Unfortunately that wasn’t enough.

Despite missing out on the trophy, Harris said he enjoyed being a part of the show and was very proud of the hard work the pair had invested into the show.

“Vanessa and I worked so hard for 14 weeks and then we just decided in the final to just go out and have an absolute ball and that’s exactly what we did.

“I literally have two left feet, no rhythm and it showed me if you work hard enough at anything you can just about achieve anything.”

Source: Stuff, Stuff & Stuff.


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