Pornhub has now released videos with closed captioning in an attempt to help its deaf and hard of hearing viewers and make its site more “inclusive”.

According to Pornhub, its “described video” and “closed captioning” categories have been made available with more than 1000 videos already available for hearing-impaired people.

The display subtitles will help indicate when different people are talking, as well as signal emotional changes in their voice and non-vocal audio.

“Here at Pornhub, it’s important that we continue to service all of our users’ needs and make content accessible to every individual. By integrating our new Closed Captioning category, we are now able to render some of our most popular adult content more enjoyable for our users who are hearing impaired.

“We encourage them to check out our newest category and provide feedback, which is especially important as we seek to continue to offer content with the differently-abled user in mind.”

Source: NZ Herald


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