This is probably the most socially conscious 7 year old you’ll ever hear of!

Zoe Carew, from Wellington, wrote a letter to NZTA after seeing one of the ‘Line men’ signs and requested the agency change the title to something more “correct and fair”.

“Why does the sign say “line men” when the people working on the lines may be men or women?” she asked the agency.

“I think that this sign is wrong and unfair. Do you agree?

“Can you please change the sign to say ‘line workers’ instead, or something else correct and fair like that?”

NZTA chief executive Fergus Gammie said her suggestion of “line workers” would require a design change because it was too long, but the words “line crew” would fit nicely, he said.

“The transport agency can include this change in its sign specification approvals, which will be published soon.”



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