One of the biggest strikes since 1994 for teachers and principals will be happening today!

Dozens of rallies are planned around the country, aiming to gain attention for better pay, conditions and incentives to attract new teachers.

The Ministry of Education has said “We are disappointed the union has decided to take strike action while we are still in the negotiating process. Both parties wish to explore every possible avenue to reach an agreement. We will continue to negotiate in good faith.”

But NZEI said there need to be “a substantive change” in the ministry’s offer.

Principals and teachers had asked for more time to teach and lead, more support for children with higher learning needs and a pay rise to ease a teacher shortage.

The latest offer would have given about 86 per cent of teachers a pay rise between 2.2  and 2.6 per cent each year for three years, and more time to work individually with children or plan and assess learning.

NZEI members were after 16 per cent over two years, as well as money for a Special Education Needs co-ordinator (SENCO) in every school.



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