The world’s most comprehensive study on alcohol consumption suggests there is no safe level of drinking, with any known health benefits outweighed by the adverse effects alcohol has on the body.

Surprise surprise.

The study combined 26 years of data across 195 countries and found Alcohol has been found to be the lead risk factor for death and disease, contributing to 1 in 10 deaths in people aged 15-49 years old worldwide.

The study estimated just one drink a day, for a year between the ages 15-95 increases your risk of developing an Alcohol related health problem by 0.5 percent. Two drinks a day raises the risk by 7% and five drinks a day is a 37% risk that you will develop one of 23 alcohol related health problems.

Though there are some proven benefits from Alcohol consumption in relation to heart diseases the risk of alcohol related health problems increase quickly with the number of drinks consumed each day.



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