This week is Māori language week!


Did you know that for all of September it is Māori language month? and THIS WEEK is Māori language week?

September 14th even marks Māori language day celebrating the day New Zealand recognised Māori as an official language!

Get involved by adding some Te Reo into your everyday life, you could even learn how to say WIFI in Māori, click here to see some techie words in Te Reo.

Mahuru Māori is an opportunity for people to commit to speaking Māori for all (or part) of September. Last year a record 600 people registered for Mahuru Māori – where people choose to speak te reo Māori for a day, week or month during September, the English word for Mahuru. This year more than 1700 people have registered on the website with about 800 challenging themselves to speak only te reo Māori for the entire month.

Te Wānanga o Aotearoa chief executive Te Ururoa Flavell says Mahuru Māori has come of age and having the support of Te Taura Whiri i te reo Māori will provide a further boost to efforts to see more te reo Māori being used in daily life. “I’m excited to hear more te reo Māori being spoken both at work and in the community during the next month and beyond.  I have always been a strong advocate of te reo Māori and I’ll be supporting everyone who takes up the challenge.”

To see more on Māori language week, check out the government website here.


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