A man born without a penis has lost his virginity aged 45 thanks to a bionic manhood made from his own skin.

Andrew Wardle, from Manchester, had a £50,000 ($99,800) penile implant operation at University College Hospital London, and has been able to give it a whirl after a 6 week healing period.

After activating a button in his groin to pump up his “ridiculously big” new penis, he lost his virginity to his girlfriend of six years Fedra Fabian as they prepared for a romantic getaway to Amsterdam.

The bionic penis is fully rigged up to Andrew’s testicles, meaning it’s possible for the couple to have children. The caterer, who was born with a condition called bladder exstrophy, said he will take a fertility test to see whether they can conceive and they will adopt if they can’t.

Source: NZ Herald


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