Batman: Damned #1, the first in the publisher’s adult-aimed Black Label, is a new graphic novel set in a world where the Joker has died and Bruce Wayne, suffering from memory loss, is unsure whether he was the one who killed him.

On the offending page, the caped crusader strips completely naked to check for telling knife wounds, flashing his pert posterior in one panel, the Daily Mail reports.Bruce Wang: Batman's exposed penis in the latest DC comic sent internet into a tizzy this week. Photo / DC In the next two panels, his shadowy-but-unmistakable — and apparently circumcised — penis is visible.

Twitter is having a field day:

The last time a Batman body part cause this much controversy was when George Clooney debuted a new batsuit with nipples in 1997’s Batman & Robin.

Source: NZ Herald & Twitter.

Image: Screen rant


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