After weeks of lost sleep, high tensions and even a cheating scandal, The Block NZ has drawn to a close with the live auction finale.

Amy and Stu of the yellow team have won The Block NZ, selling their house for $1,009,500 gaining the highest profit of $69,500.

They also won the People’s Choice award, so they also have a new Suzuki S-Cross Prestige SUV to drive home.

Speaking to Stuff after the show, a shellshocked Amy said it definitely hadn’t sunk in. “I feel weird, nothingness! I don’t think it’s sunk in yet, but I might start screaming in seven minutes.”

Stu said: “Ask me tomorrow at 5am when the hangover wears off.”

“We’re definitely going to take the kids on a big holiday,” said Amy. “They deserve it.”

We didn’t see a repeat of last season’s finale, in which all of the Northcote houses struggle to meet their reserves and the winners – Hamilton dads Andy Murdie and Nate Ross – banked only a $30,000 profit, while one team came away with just $1000.

This finale was the first time on either The Block NZ or The Block Australia, that bidders could bid remotely from wherever they are as long as they were pre-registered first. In the past bids have been taken either in person or over the phone.

Source: Stuff

Image: NZ Herald.


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