New Zealand trusts business Perpetual Guardian has signed off on the four-day week, turning an experiment into company policy.

As was the case with the trial, employees who opt into the four-day week will be eligible for a weekly rest day provided they meet their weekly productivity objectives and will be paid their usual salary.

Barnes says that there is a chance that once the four-day week is normalised, productivity levels might slip back as staff become accustomed to having the extra day off.

For this reason, Barnes said he has stressed that four-day week is a privilege rather than a right to staff.

This is part of the reason why staff are required to buy into the initiative every year. It serves as a reminder that keeping the four-day-week alive requires every member of the company to deliver their side of the deal.

Failure to do so will quickly lead to a return of the five-day week.

While the new policy comes into effect on November 1.

Source: NZ Herald.

Image: Lawrence Smith / STUFF


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