Bachelor Australia contestant Brittany Hockley called it, “a giant waste of time”.

Nick “Honey Badger” Cummins’ decision to reject the last women standing – Hockley and Sophie Tieman –  in the final episode of the reality show left contestants and viewers alike feeling cheated.

The reason, according to Woman’s Day, has finally become clear – he was secretly in love with Brooke Blurton, who had walked out on him in an earlier episode.

The magazine cited unnamed sources saying that Cummins was “in hell” after Blurton left and, when filming wrapped up, he went to see her in her home state of Western Australia.

“He wanted to reveal his true feelings for Brooke,” a friend was quoted saying. “Nick’s a genuine guy and he didn’t want to hurt any of the girls, most of all Brooke.”

Cummins has reportedly finally confessed his feelings to Blurton and plans to give her a ring he designed himself as a token of his commitment.


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I believe your soul, and my soul could be very old friends. ✨ I could get used to you ♥️ @thebachelorau #thebachelorau

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Blurton said in a social media post after leaving the show that she was “quite emotional and overwhelmed”…

“It was a hard decision to say goodbye to something that had a lot of potential for love and happiness…

“I cried, I was raw, I was vulnerable but I was most definitely happy and I came out knowing exactly why I went in. That’s to find love in which I will find one day.”

Well we’re hoping for Honey Badgers sake it is in him… or it really was a big ol’ waste of time.


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