Christchurch rapper Scribe has been released from prison on electronic bail and has promised a comeback for his fans.

Classically 2018, Scribe took to Instagram to announce his plans saying,

“Today I’m released from prison. In no way am I proud of that but I’ll own it all day; every day….

“I’m merely a survivor of a broken community, a fallen city and an ever dysfunctional planet.

“I’ve made a lot of mistakes in life… many. But none have ever been as big as.. my comebacks. I’m not gonna say I have all the answers now because I don’t.. and I won’t say I’m a changed man, because talk is cheap. Rather.. I’ll show you.

“I have some amazing news to announce.. at a later date. Tonight I am enjoying time with those I love most and eating some good as food. Catch you on the flip.”

We’ll just have to wait and see then!

Source: Nz Herald
Image: On file / NZ HERALD


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