The results are out and online today, ready for 165,000 students waiting to learn the outcome of their end-of year National Certificate of Educational Achievement exams.

​Secondary Principals’ Association of New Zealand (SPANZ) president Michael Williams said results day was a big one for both parents and students. There would be euphoria for those who received their desired results but there would also be disappointment.

If year 13s missed their marks, Williams said they should talk to the school about the alternatives. The same went for level 1 and 2 students worried about missing out on course entry.

“The reality is there is a month of school before university starts. It’s quite common for students to go back to school for a month and pick up those extra couple of credits they were short on.

“I think all adults know that life is never as smooth as we want it to be. There’s always hiccups. There’s always different ways of achieving outcomes. The role of a parent is to help the students through that disappointment.”


Image: NZQA supplied to Stuff.


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