A series of Facebook privacy scandals, and the company’s sometimes questionable efforts to clean up after them, have seen a lot of people leave the site. Luckily if you don’t like Facebook building a profile of you, and giving advertisers access to it, you can dial things back.

In Facebook, click the settings icon (the three-line “hamburger” icon usually bottom left on a mobile or the downward facing triangle top right on a desktop) then “Settings” then “Ads” to set what information is stored or shared about you. This should land you on the “Your ad preferences screen.” This link should take you straight there.

In preferences, you can see the interests Facebook has assigned to you, and delete any or all.

You can also choose to opt-out of ads that are targeted based on your relationship status, job title or level of education.

You can also see which advertisers have your contact details, and choose to hide certain topics, such as alcohol.

And, importantly, you can also opt out Facebook partners sharing data about you, and vice versa, and opt out of having your social actions on ads (such as “Liking” a company) being shared with others.

So there it is, the process to hide your information just a little bit more. Good luck!

Source: NZ Herald

Image: 123RF



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