A tourist who asked for advice on driving from Sydney to New Zealand has been mocked and ridiculed online, with people suggesting they check a world map or get a water car.

Posting on Trip Advisor on Thursday, the person said they were from India and were planning to go to Sydney in December.

From Sydney, they wanted to drive to Auckland then Queenstown before flying back to India from the South Island resort town.

Despite the vast number of sarcastic, mocking replies and serious, practical advice, the tourist didn’t seem to grasp the fact their rental car could not drive from Australia to New Zealand.

“Thanks for the information … I want to go to Sydney first and then visit New Zealand. Sydney-Auckland airfare is coming around 20k in December & we are 4 pax so 80k in total. Is flying cheaper or car will be cheaper?” they wrote.

One patient user came to the rescue.

“Please don’t get me wrong, but since you still seem to think you can drive from Sydney to Auckland, I suggest you visit a travel agent and have them help you plan your trip. Or if you are set on doing this yourself, look at a map and read some travel guides.”

Source: Stuff.co.nz

Image: Google Maps


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