Yeah so while you’re still here Marshall, can you just visit our supreme court?

It’s the latest in a drawn-out legal saga following the National Party’s use of the Eminem Esque track on its 2014 election ad.

In 2017, the High Court found that Eminem Esque breached the copyright of Eminem’s Oscar-winning song Lose Yourself.

In that ruling, Justice Helen Cull ordered the National Party and party secretary Greg Hamilton to pay $600,000 for using the ripped-off version of the song.

That amount was appealed by the co-defendants, and in December 2018 the Court of Appeal ruled that the National Party would instead pay $225,000 damages.

American companies Eight Mile Style and Martin Affiliated, which co-own the copyright for Lose Yourself, now want the Supreme Court to consider whether the Court of Appeal decision was correct.


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