Spice girls still to pay ‘Posh spice’ $4.8 million even though she isn’t performing


The countdown is on for the Spice Girls reunion tour but there seems to be trouble behind the scenes.

There are simmering disagreements about everything from money to lyrics to costumes with an added bonus of ghost member ‘Posh spice’ (Victoria Beckham) still getting paid millions even though she isn’t performing.

Supporting act Jess Glynne is set to get paid £100,000 ($NZ192,000) a show (a total of £1.3 million ($NZ2.49m) for the dates), another apparent topic of contention between the girls.

“There has been a dispute, with the girls saying they aren’t going to pay it, but it turns out that they have to pay it. Now Modest are saying that they have to pay all of it.

“Their feeling is that they didn’t actually need support on the tour, and that Jess Glynne is not remotely in tune with them or their fan base, which is much older. They are raging about it.”

There have been sneaky agreements made behind the scenes between former posh spice and a co-manager of the Spice girls which means Victoria Beckham – even though she refused to be a part of the reunion tour – will be making an estimated £2.5 million ($NZ4.8m) “plus”.

“What it means is that every time anyone buys anything to do with the Spice Girls, she gets her slice. The others are just having to suck it up.”

Source: NZ Herald

Image: Spice Girls Instagram.


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