A massive crude message captured the attention of Kiwi woman Leigh Alderson who walked up Devil’s Staircase at Tongariro Alpine Crossing last weekend.

On Saturday Alderson, who trekked the Tongariro Alpine Crossing with her brother, captured photos of the word “wiener” when they climbed up the Devil’s Staircase.

The siblings, along with “several hundred” travellers, were not expecting this hilarious surprise when looking over the spectacular view.

Photo/Leigh Alderson

“We stood over there and then saw the giant wiener and everyone was laughing and taking photos of it, she said.

“It was quite cool, everyone has a hard walk up and you get there and you see that. It was absolutely hilarious.

“It must have taken them ages [to make] .. You can’t really miss it.”

Source: NZ Herald

Images: Leigh Alderson


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