The man arrested in relation to the Christchurch terror attacks will face 50 murder charges and 39 attempted murder charges.

The 28-year-old Australian man will appear by audio-visual link in the Christchurch High Court on Friday, his second court appearance since he allegedly killed 50 people at the Linwood and Al Noor mosques on March 15.

A police statement said other charges were still being considered.

National and international media made 12 applications to film, take photos of and record the man when he appeared in court again on Friday. They were all declined by High Court Justice Cameron Mander.

Everyone in custody is entitled to exercise, bedding, a proper diet, one private visitor a week, a legal adviser, medical treatment, healthcare, mail, and telephone calls, but these can be withheld for various reasons including being segregated or in protective custody, health and safety, and because it is not practicable.

“He’s under constant observation and isolation. He doesn’t get the usual minimum entitlements. So no phone calls and no visits,” the source said.


Image: Joseph Johnson / Stuff


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