Last week Rugby Australia announced their intentions to terminate Israel Folau’s $4 million contract after he made two religious social media posts attacking, among others, homosexuals and now Folau is taking them to a code of conduct hearing.

“Israel has responded formally today to request a Code of Conduct hearing which, under the circumstances, was not an unexpected outcome. We will now work to confirm a date for the hearing as soon as possible,” Rugby Australia chief executive Raelene Castle said in a statement.

Apparently Folau refused to have the additional clauses regarding social media restraints retrospectively inserted into his contract. If this is so Folau’s defence will be based around him being punished for expressing his religion’s beliefs. The report says the lack of social media clauses are central to his defence.

RA believe they are still on safe ground, because they will argue the Wallaby star breached the standard player code of conduct by vilifying others because of their sexuality.

Source: / NZ Herald

Image: On File


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