Mother and ‘momager’ Kris Jenner revealed in an interview with CBS just how much her daughters are paid for advertising products online.

“They have a fee for a post, or a fee for a story, a fee for Facebook… they have a fee schedule,” the 63-year-old mogul said.

When pressed on exactly how much they’re paid per post, Jenner was a little more coy – but an endorsement from the world’s most famous family doesn’t come cheap.

“I mean, it’s definitely six figures,” she said. “Sometimes, if it’s Kim, or if it’s Kylie… it depends on what it really is,” she went on, implying her two most famous children bring in the most dough.

Last year, Instagram scheduling software Hopper HQ estimated Kylie Jenner – who runs her own cosmetics company at just 21 – makes US$1 million (NZ$1.4 million) per sponsored post.

It estimated older sister Kim Kardashian is paid about US$750,000 (NZ$1.1 million) per post, while supermodel Kendall Jenner makes roughly US$500,000 (NZ$740,000).

Source: Newshub



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