Encrusted with gems and trimmed with 24 carat gold-infused fabric, neck specialist Thijs van der Hilst’s Tailor Made Pillow is the queen of pillows.

Its ergonomical shape is bespoke, taken from a digital scan of your head and neck. It is 3D printed and hand finished, with four diamonds and an intimidatingly large 22.5ct sapphire in the zip, because, why not?

It’s also $87,000.

HOW TO PICK THE BEST PILLOW FOR YOU according to Wigglesworth and Tumilty:

1. Try it out in the shop if possible; lying on your back and on your side.

2. Take it home for a trial – you might be able to if you keep the pillow in its plastic wrapper

3. It should be comfortable to the individual, and give support.

4. The neck and shoulder muscles should be relaxed when lying on the pillow (tension should leave those muscle groups).

5. The spine, including head posture should be in a neutral position.

6. Another tip for a good night’s sleep is, keep your head cool and your feet warm.

Source: Stuff.co.nz (Kylie Klein-Nixon)

Image: Van Der Hilst


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