Suzie Eggleton of Velvet Heartbeat has adopted a new trend sweeping the global fashion industry: veganism. Shifting away from the use of leather and synthetic materials, she uses a range of ethical and environmentally-friendly alternatives, such as pineapple leather – or Piñatex.

“We have a range made from pineapple leather, which is a really exciting and very sustainable textile made from pineapple leaves that are a by-product of pineapple farming,” Eggleton says.

Eggleton imports the pineapple leather from a supplier in England to offer Kiwi customers a sustainable alternative to leather.

“Fashion shouldn’t be harmful and destructive, it should be fun and exciting and expressive.

“It is our responsibility as brands to make it easy for people to make nicer choices.”

Over two years, Eggleton has grown her brand with just her sewing machine and a few additional pairs of helping hands, all while keeping the environment at the fore.

“As much as I love creating I couldn’t build my brand without a structure of values to ensure I’m not negatively impacting the environment, animals or people.”

Every handmade piece is created with animals, people and the planet in mind.”

Source: (Brittney Deguara)

Image: Supplied to Stuff


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