D*ck Run Claire, as she’s known on Instagram to over 10,000 followers, has been running US streets in the shape of penises for just over three years.

It all began in 2015 when she was visiting her brother in New Jersey and went out for a run. Claire got lost and, when she found her way back home, she noticed her GPS tracker looked a little odd. Claire had run in almost the exact shape of a penis and thus her Instagram, D*ck Run Claire was born.

“Honestly I just love running; it’s my favourite way to get a workout in,” Claire told Vice.

“Drawing a giant d*ck across a town is really just a bonus.”

Recently, Claire has been trying something new.

She is now attempting to run in the shape of female genitalia. But it’s proving more difficult than her usual routes.

“Not a lot of roads converge to a vagina shape,” she told Vice.

Source: Newshub

Image: Instagram @d*ck_run_claire


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