Vote For Mt Ruapehu For New Zealand’s Best Ski Resort(s)!

Both Whakapapa and Tūroa have been nominated for New Zealand’s Best Ski Resort as part of the 2019 World Ski Awards.

Mt Ruapehu says, “We can’t tell you which ski field is the better one to vote for, because like all good parents we have no favourite. We like to think one of us is the best in NZ and the other is the second best.”

So we’ll leave the ranking of the best two ski areas in NZ up to you! 😉


What’s On This Weekend?

The good news is that Mt Ruapehu has had a few cold, clear nights of snow making the last 2 days. The not-so-good news is that freezing levels are rising to 2700m from tonight along with some precip. It’ll be too warm for them to fire up the snow guns and our current snow levels won’t allow for them to open more facilities at Whakapapa… Just yet!

Mt Ruapehu staff are going to keep working to get more snow on the ground for you. In the meantime, bring your mates for a good old-fashioned sled race and a slide on our beginner carpet lift in Happy Valley.


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