A Whanganui landlord has had a “preposterous” claim dismissed by the Tenancy Tribunal.

Steve Robertson bought a Whanganui property in November 2018 with a tenant still living at the property. She moved out in February 2019, but Mr Robertson was claiming his former tenant owed $5166, which included the cost of removing a 10-ton rock from the property. He claimed the rock, estimated at around eight to 10 tons, had not been there when he bought the property – but the tenant produced photos showing it was there in 2016.

Robertson still wasn’t convinced, and said he believed the tenant hired a crane to remove the rock when he viewed the property and then put it back when he bought it.

“I find the suggestion preposterous,” the tribunal said in its order. “Robertson’s own maintenance man stated the rock was imbedded at least two metres underground and 2016 photographs show it was in the ground at that time.”

Mr Robertson has been ordered to repay the tenants bond, and could potentially be making a trip to Specsavers in the near future.

– Source Newshub


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