Sherman is the Wanganui Aero Club’s feline and he’s become quite the cat’s pyjamas around the wider airport area, keeping club members and airport and airline staff company as well as befriending passengers on commercial flights.

Aero club flight instructor and committee member Leroy Johnston said the club bought Sherman, now about 6 months old, from the SPCA to be a hangar cat.

He’s an honorary member of the club and his official duties are to keep birds out of the hangar and the mouse population in check.

In the latest installment of Sherman’s adventures, he went for a short flight in an aero club plane.

“He often sleeps in the planes so it’s become a regular part of pre-flight checks to ensure Sherman isn’t in or around the planes,” Johnston said.

 “He was in there when we were taking a plane out on Saturday and he didn’t freak out at the noise. He was comfortable there in taxi practice so we took him for a flight.

“He absolutely loved it. He jumped out afterwards, licked himself and walked over to someone for a pat.

“It’s perfectly legal to take pets flying with you in private operations.”

The club has been overwhelmed by the interest in Sherman after its Facebook post and photos showing his first flight. The post has been shared hundreds of times and attracted comments and reactions from people around the world. Follow Sherman’s adventures on the Wanganui Aero Club Facebook page.

– Source Whanganui Chronicle


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