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Desperately searching for as many coins as possible on a Friday night to get as much deep-fried goodness as possible from your local fish n’ chip shop is almost a kiwi tradition. Over the ditch, they, as usual, do things a bit differently.

Yes in Australia, it’s common place to walk into a fish n’ chip shop and ask for ‘minimum chips please’. That being the minimum amount of chips a shop will sell. But what constitutes ‘minimum chips’? Where’s the line? Well one man is on a mission to answer those very questions for us.


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Under the Sea Fish and Chips Yarraville $4 423 grams #minimumchips

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Melburnian Brandon Gatgens started his @minimumchipsmelbourne Instagram account after getting into a heated discussion about what constituted a minimum chips serve.

“It very quickly became apparent that people get very emotional about this, but it almost got down to yelling at the pub,” he told

“I decided look I’ll settle it, I’m going to eat at as many fish and chip shops as I can and see if I can find a general consensus.”

Gatgens has now eaten at around 30 different takeaway shops around Melbourne all in the name of research and has “no signs of slowing”.

He documents his finding on his Instagram page, which has more than 10,000 devoted minimum chip-eating followers.

Results have varied wildly, with Mr Gatgens paying anything between $3 to $6 for a minimum chips serve.

“Your standard is around the 450 gram mark but I’ve had servings well under 300 grams and up near 700 grams,” he said.

For now, Gatgens plans to keep sampling as many minimum chips across Victoria, as well as potentially venturing interstate.

“I think I might lose a little bit if I take it internationally. Although I have heard there are good things going on in New Zealand where you can order a scoop rather than a minimum,” he said.

Good thing alright, at least a scoop is more of a measurement than ‘minimum chips’. Though the argument over what constitutes ‘minimum chips’ looks like it could lead to some favourable situations.


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