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Adele may have lost a lot of weight, but her diet and trainer have been slammed by a fitness expert after the singer revealed the plan she was on.

Alice Liveing hit out at Adele’s instructor Camila Goodis for putting her on a 1000 calorie-per-day diet.

Adele’s transformation made global headlines after she dropped 44kg thanks to “Brazilian Body Wizard” Goodis.

But Liveing, who is known as Clean Eating Alice, took to social media saying “no credible trainer would agree” to the diet and hinted Goodis was trying to further her own career.

“For the record, no credible trainer would agree to their client eating only 1000 cals a day.

“No credible trainer would suggest green juices to be the elixir of good health … No credible trainer would/should share this confidential info for their own gain.”

She went on to claim Goodis went public without Adele’s consent.

“I have trained celebrities in my time and when asked in interview about said clients, I have always remained silent because of client confidentiality, their privacy and the fact that that is their information to share, not mine.

“These ‘so called’ celebrity trainers need to realise that putting someone on a 1000 calorie a day diet and an intense workout regimen doesn’t make them a good trainer.

“It makes them the instigator of seriously disordered eating habits and the health repercussions that accompany it.”



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