Bookings are limited, so cat owners should visit our participating vet clinics; Ruapehu Vet Services, VetEnt Taumarunui and Totally Vets Taumarunui, to purchase your Snip ‘n’ Chip voucher and avoid disappointment.

SPCA has worked hard in recent years to address the problem of too many cats being born unwanted and not living a good quality of life. Their desexing campaign in the Ruapehu District aims to reach out to those who cannot afford the desexing operation or may not normally consider having their cat desexed to use this opportunity.

It also provides the opportunity for cat owners who do not currently have a local vet to get to know one.

Cat owners have responded extremely well to other Snip ‘n’ Chip campaigns across New Zealand.

Scientific research has proven that a desexed animal lives a happier and healthier life. They are less likely to get into fights, can be more affectionate and friendly and have a reduced risk of health problems such as cancer.

The SPCA would like to thank their participating vets, Ruapehu Vet Services, VetEnt Taumarunui and Totally Vets Taumarunui for their help with this campaign.


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