Sourced from The Guardian

We’re going to be seeing a lot more of Greta Thunberg in 2020 it seems, with the BBC having just announced a brand new series with the teenage environmental activist.

The series from BBC Studios’ award-winning Science Unit will follow Greta’s ‘international crusade’, which ‘takes her on the front line of climate change in some of the most extraordinary places on earth, as she explores what actions could be taken to limit climate change and the damage it causes’.

“Throughout the series a chorus of these experts will lay out the science that lies beneath this unambiguous statement. As she travels Greta meets not only leading scientists but political leaders and business heavyweights, exploring the scientific evidence with them and challenging them to change,” said a release from the BBC.

 The series of films will follow Greta’s journey into adulthood while she continues to be confronted by the ‘real world consequences of inaction’. We’ll also see some of the behind-the-scenes moments of her high-profile life as she writes the speeches that we see broadcast and analysed around the world.

We’re not sure when the series will be released just yet unfortunately, but hopefully it will be sometime later this year.


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