Sourced from Consequence of Sound

People are already turning more to facial masks to ward off illnesses, and with coronavirus anxiety at a tipping point, many will surely be upgrading to full-on respirators. But the CDC (Centres for Disease Control and Prevention), warns that those with Bandholz, Van Dyke, chin curtain, or Fu Manchu-style beards and mustaches might want to trim those follicles back before slipping on a mask.

The logic is pretty simple: hair that sits under the respirator seal would prevent it from being airtight, negating the entire point of a filter. What’s more, certain styles could get in the way of exhalation valves, preventing them from working properly.

The good news is if you have a simple look like a small handlebar mustache, a Zorro, a Zappa, or even a “toothbrush” (a kind way of saying “a Hitler”), you’re probably in the clear. However, hipsters rocking a full on Dali, Verdi, Imperial, or God forbid mutton chops or a Hulihee are being told to shave up if they want the protection of a facepiece respirator. That said, if you’re rocking a goatee, classic villain, horseshoe, or a Tony Stark-esque Balbo, you’re fine so long as the hair doesn’t cross the seal.


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