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British marketplace surveyed 3000 of their shoppers to understand their spending habits.

Shoppers with the names Emma and Matt were found to be the most thrifty online while Karen and Joshuas came out on top for spending their money.

Frugality was decided as people who opted for deals and discounts over full-priced products.

One surprising statistic the survey found was 34 percent of respondents admitted to spending over half their monthly income online. This was followed by 57 percent who said they spend approximately a third.

But another common spending habit found was nearly half of their respondents (45 percent) spent the majority of their extra money on food and drink.

The survey also confirmed people enjoyed the experience of online shopping with 97 percent agreeing and 88 percent responding that they regularly shop online.

Online shopper top 20:


1. Karen

2. Courtney

3. Stephanie

4. Maddie

5. April

6. Jessica

7. Mary

8. Georgia

9. Catherine

10. Amanda



1. Joshua

2. Chris

3. Callum

4. Scott

5. Lewis

6. Luke

7. Jacob

8. Marcus

9. Philip

10. Andy

Frugal shopper Top 20:


1. Emma

2. Katie

3. Julie

4. Alice

5. Zoe

6. Kelly

7. Lucy

8. Claire

9. Sarah

10. Amy



1. Matthew

2. Jack

3. Sam

4. James

5. Simon

6. Edward

7. Connor

8. Paul

9. Ben

10. Liam


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