Yea heat waves are pretty rad and all, but, after a while having to constantly base your life around finding cool spots to chill in gets tiresome.. try some of these tips for beating the heatwave this summer:

1: Go Vegan

No, this isn’t some environmental propaganda paid for by Greta Thunberg..going vegan will legitimately cool you down. Meals that are rich in protein take longer to digest, making your body feel warm, avoid the meat sweats, and pick up a carrot every now and then.

2: Reverse hottie

Same concept as a hottie keeping you warm in winter..but instead of filling it with hot water…yup, you guessed it, bang some cold water and some ice cubes in that sucker and you’re pretty much a walking fridge.

3: Take advantage of public A/C

Not everyone has the luxury of air conditioning in their own home, and while it may be tempting to jump the fence to the neighbours and ask if you can pop yur head in the door for a few minutes, there are far less embarrassing ways to enjoy some A/C.

1- Local Court House: Find out when the next session is, and, as a member of the public, you’re well within your rights to spend a whole day basking in Court Room A/C..and you might even see a good show depending on who’s in court that day.

2- Local Library: Library’s are great places to shelter from the weather, as long as you can pretend as though you’re interested in a book for a fair amount of time the library is your safe space.

3- The petrol station: And lucky last is your faithful servo. Now not every servo has the A/C cranking full blast, that way you’d be able to just grab a drink, open your laptop and pretend to do some “work”. Unfortunately, in most cases you’re going to have to put in a bit of work around the drinks fridges, and eventually slip in behind the fridges to where the staff re-stock the drinks. It will take some charisma, but we can guarantee that no such thing as heat stroke will ever bother you again this summer if you manage to crack it.


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