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Am I allowed outside?

Yes, Ardern said today she understands the need for fresh air but has urged people to “stay home” as much as possible. Stay in your local area.

Do not stop to chat with others. If you see someone outside your “bubble” – the people you are self-isolating with – apply social distancing.


What will police be doing?

Police will move around the country and ask questions of people outside of their homes.

People without a valid reason to be outside can be reminded of their obligations, Ardern said.

People just getting fresh air should be able to without being told to go home by police, and some common sense is needed in their approach.


Can the kids go on the playground?

No. Ardern said today any common space like a surface at a playground presented risk.


What about hunting and fishing?

No. When asked about fishing and hunting, Ardern said to stay home.

“Act like you have Covid-19. It will help guide your decisions.”


Can I use my car?

“You only go out in your vehicle if you need to go and get essential food supplies, essential medical supplies or medical treatment. Otherwise, please stay at home,” police commissioner Mike Bush said.


Can I see my family and friends during the lockdown?

From 11.59pm “everyone must stay at home unless they are working in essential services”, Government Controller John Ombler said during yesterday’s press conference.

He said that meant no socialising with people outside their households.


What if I live alone?

Ardern said if people live alone, they can have contact with one person outside of their home, but limit it to that interaction. She suggested a “buddy system” that involves someone who lives alone teaming up with another person living alone in their community. Those people can agree to only see each other and no one else through the lockdown period.

Those designated helpers cannot be people who have compromised immunity.


What about shared custody?

Director-General of Health Ashley Bloomfield has said

children in shared custody arrangements can go between parents’ households as long as they live within the same community.


Can I buy and order groceries?

Grocery stores are essential services and will remain open during the lockdown but maintaining distance is still important while shopping.

Ardern has urged people to shop normally and food will still be available during the lockdown in their local areas.


Are liquor stores open?

Liquor stores are closed across the country, unless within a Licensing Trust Area (such as West Auckland, where supermarkets are dry) who have to use a “one-in, one-out” policy.


Can I visit the pharmacy, doctors, hospitals?

Yes, health facilities are also included in the essential business list along with hospitals, primary care clinics, medical laboratories, care facilities (eg rest homes).

If people need to see a doctor or other medical professional they MUST phone first.


Is my recycling and rubbish still going to be collected?

Most councils have advisories on their websites about which services they’re still taking.

All are still collecting rubbish but some aren’t collecting recycling – where a council is not taking away recyclables the advice is to stockpile your cans, plastic and cardboard as this kind of waste doesn’t go off or start to smell like general waste.


Will mechanics be open?

Some mechanics are expected to shut down, but the Government said that any entity providing services to keep vehicles operational for essential work purposes (eg vehicle testing, mechanics, tyre services) will remain open.


Will service stations be open?

Yes – they are an essential service.


Will The Warehouse be open?

Ardern said people shouldn’t expect to be able to go to their local Warehouse.

The Government has confirmed The Warehouse is not an an essential service.


Will I still get mail?

Yes. NZ Post will continue to operate throughout the lockdown period, as it is considered an essential service. Post and courier deliveries via NZ Post will still happen.


Will laundromats be open?

Self-service laundries can stay open, but people will need to stand two metres apart at all times.


What if something breaks in my home?

Electricians, telecommunication workers, plumbers, internet providers are all classed as essential services and will still work on critical services. This means that if you have a leak or your power goes out, you will still be able to call someone to help you.


Will I still be able to online shop (other than groceries)?

Couriers and NZ Post will continue to operate, however they will only be delivering essential items.


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