Winners are grinners . . . Baldwin street has had it's steepest street in the world title returned.

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Dunedin’s Baldwin St has reclaimed the title of the world’s steepest street.

Ffordd Pen Llech (nope, don’t know how to pronounce that one) in Harlech, Wales took over the record in June last year. But on Wednesday, Guinness World Records reversed its decision, saying its measuring method was wrong.

The former ‘World’s Steepest Street’ in Wales

Guinness World Records said on its website the decision to reinstate was reached after an “extensive review” of an appeal, brought by representatives of Baldwin St.

The appeal, led by Toby Stoff, included a comparative survey of the three-dimensional shapes of the Dunedin street and Ffordd Pen Llech.

The findings revealed that in order to fairly assess the different shape of the streets, whether they’re straight or curved, steepness must be measured by the central axis (the centre line of the road).

The new results confirmed Baldwin St has the steeper gradient of 34.8 per cent, compared to Ffordd Pen Llech’s gradient of 28.6 per cent.

Stoff, a Dunedin surveyor, measured both streets from the centre line, even taking a trip over to Wales.


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