SH 4 from Whanganui to Raetihi – Update from NZTA

1. Te Oreore Underslip
All the physical work on the temporary road has been completed. This section continues to operate with a 30km/h speed limit.
Instrument monitoring and reporting for the site has continued.
There will be a continued focus on monitoring Te Oreore during the winter period.

2. Raukawa Falls
The land acquisition, design and consent application processes are all underway. Over the period of lockdown the Ruapehu and Whanganui District Councils were unable to accept consent applications, so we’ve given priority to environmental effects and regional consents over this time.

3. Whiskey’s Corner
Tree felling has been completed and earthworks were planned to be completed by the end of March prior to the nationwide lockdown. This work is currently being rescheduled but it’s hoped work on this site can be completed quickly after COVID-19 restrictions have been removed.

4. South Raupiu Retreat
With recent developments in relation to COVID-19 and the impact on the overall corridor program, we expect the start date for this project to change slightly. Design is currently being reviewed by Waka Kotahi.

5. Otoko Pā Overslip
All earthworks, drainage and slip-related work, and pavement preparation had been completed on the Otoko Pā Overslip site.
This site is ready for sealing, although due to the COVID-19 Alert Level 4 this work had to be put on hold. The program for this site is currently being revised, but we expect that once work does restart on the site there will only be a further 3 to 5 days work before the project is completed.

6. Hapokopoko Curve Rock
Work on the consent process continues with this site with the ecology report currently awaiting approval. Construction was expected to start in March 2020 before lockdown put this work on hold. With COVID-19 restrictions expected to loosen soon, a new completion date of late September has been set.

7. Kukuta Underslip
The project construction design is still in its early stages for the Kukuta Underslip site, with COVID-19 restrictions placing limitations on this. The consent application process is underway. The site remains under one-way traffic lights.


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