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In the Chinese city of Wuhan, where the Coronavirus outbreak started, health officials have ordered a citywide nucleic acid test for Covid-19 after the city experienced an increase in infections over the weekend.

Every district in the city, home to nearly 11 million citizens, must submit a detailed, and ambitious plan to have every member of the public tested within just 10 days. This urgent order was sent out after Wuhan reported 6 new confirmed Covid-19 cases.

China’s health authority said on Tuesday that the reappearance of local clusters of coronavirus cases suggests that counter-epidemic measures cannot be relaxed yet.

The new cluster of the outbreak has ended the city’s record of 35 days with no reported infections.

The flareup is the city’s first resurgence of the virus since the government lifted the citywide lockdown on April 8.

The city went into quarantine on January 23, when residents were banned from leaving the city and schools and businesses close.



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