The Ruapehu District Council is offering a ‘no questions asked’ amnesty for the return of the swings stolen from Nga Huinga Cherry Grove in two different thefts in March and April.

Property Team Leader Rebecca van Orden said that in March thieves stole two seat swings and then returned in late April with bolt cutters to steal the remaining nest swing.

“We know from the feedback at the time that these thefts were a real blow to Taumarunui whanau and tamariki who were enjoying their use,” she said.

The high excess on our insurance means it is not financially viable to claim on the thefts and needing to purchase replacement swings from Councils limited budget would mean having to drop or delay spending on other improvement plans.

“Council is hoping that the people involved, or anyone who knows where the swings are, will do the right thing and return them or let us know where we can pick them up.

They can be dropped at Council’s backdoor or be left somewhere for a team member to find or pick up.

This really is ‘no questions asked’.

The Council have no interest in who took them or why.

At this stage all they want is to see them returned to their rightful place in Nga Huinga Cherry Grove where the community can start enjoying them again

If people want to leave them somewhere discreet they can let Council know where they can pick them up by calling 07 895 8188, email or text Ruapehu District Council Chief Executive, Clive Manley, on 027 660 0199.”


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