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As NRL fans continue to have fun with a promotion by the league allowing them to pay $22 to have a cardboard cut-out of their likeness placed in stadiums during games by sending in images of their dogs and even infamous serial killers, Johns’ show responded with a gag.

They mocked up a photoshopped image of the crowd — which to be clear, wasn’t ever seen inside an NRL stadium — featuring the Nazi leader seated alongside other supporters.


Fox Sports has apologised and is investigating how the gag got the go-ahead.

“We are very concerned by an incident involving an inappropriate image shown as part of one of our live shows discussing NRL crowd cut-outs,” its statement read.

“We are currently reviewing the circumstances and examining the action we need to ensure those involved understand it is not acceptable. We sincerely apologise for the offence the image has caused.”

Johns released his own statement following the heavy criticism that flooded in following the segment going to air.

“The segment on my Fox League show on Sunday in which we showed an image of Hitler in crowd cut outs was in poor taste and completely inappropriate,” Johns’ statement read.

“I know Fox Sports has apologised but I need to personally step up to this. I know how raw and devasting those events remain for so many people and families.

“I acknowledge it was wrong and I apologise to our viewers and to everyone in the community who is rightly concerned and offended by the segment. I’ve reached out and spoken directly to Vic Alhadeff at the Jewish Board of Deputies this morning to apologise to the Jewish community and I’ll be apologising on air to all our viewers on Thursday night’s show.”


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