While many of us wake up to a piece of Marmite on toast to start the day, the company that makes the spread, Sanitarium, are now suggesting a new way of enjoying their product…


In a post on Instagram, the Marmite NZ page shared their tip for drinking Marmite mixed with hot water for a Miso Soup type drink.

“Along with tasting great in broths Marmite is also great on it’s on as a cuppa with hot water – it’s like a Marmite Miso Soup!”

And people are divided

The comments on a reddit post suggest that “real men drink it neat” and “Nothing like doing shots of marmite before a night out drinking firewood and chopping beer.”

Another sharing their hack for when they’re sick; “I literally do this every winter when I start feeling sick and it perks me back up by the next day, mix in a little Manuka with it and she’ll be right 😉”


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