Here’s how to whip up a Caramilk Cocktail at home:


– 2/3rd block Cadbury Caramilk
– 2/3rd cup cream
– 1/3rd cup vodka
– 1/2 cup baileys
– 1/3rd Extra Caramilk melted/grated – to decorate glassware and garnish
– Ice
– Cocktail shaker

– Put Caramilk and cream in a bowl. Melt in microwave for 50 seconds. Stir to combine and ensure chocolate is fully melted.

– Melt 1/3rd extra . Caramilk on a flat plate to dip rim of glass. Dip glass before pouring liquids.

– Place ice in cocktail shaker then measure in vodka, baileys and melted Caramilk.

– Shake well then strain into glasses.

– Top with a lil’ extra grated Caramilk


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