2020 has been the year of crazy flavours in food, and sauce company Heinz have jumped on board the band wagon by releasing some recipes for a series of unconventional ice creams — which they’re calling Creamz made out of some of their most iconic condiments.

Yup, that means ketchup ice cream or BBQ sauce ice cream if you’re that way inclined…

And don’t worry if you don’t have the ingredients, because over on its UK website, Heinz is selling a range of ice cream-making kits, with everything you’d need!

While you may have to get a friend in the UK to ship you a kit (as it’s not available to NZ) the recipes themselves are free to download from anywhere so you don’t miss out…

From  Ketchup Creamz, to mayo-infused Creamz and a barbecue sauce version, you’ll have plenty of new ice cream recipes to keep you going until Summer!

All five of Heinz’s Creamz recipes can be found HERE.


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