The awesome snow capped volcano Mt Ngauruhoe from Mt Ruapehu Whakapapa Ski Field Chair Lift New Zealand

It was good while it lasted.

Unfortunately due to recent warm nights and lack of snow, Mt Ruapehu is shutting despite plans for an extended season.

Turoa hoped to still be operating some chairlifts for ‘Noonvember’, but ran unexpectedly low on snow reserves.

Whakapapa also planned to stay open, but found their snow pack was deteriorating too quickly.

Whakapapa’s Sky Waka Gondala will reopen on the 12th of December for Summer sightseeing.

Yeeep that’s pretty rocky.. The Staircase slopes (Whakapapa) on October 27 2020


  1. Still cant believe if i go into a Sydney Ski Shop, seems no-one heard of Mt. Ruapehu & opens longer than the Sth Isl. Ski Fields. Forget marketing Nov….just get the word out that u have the longest Australasian opening Ski Field each yr.!!! Cheers from Video Bill.


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