Summer Festivals are a part of the classic kiwi summer. However this year there will be a new condition of entry to keep in mind when purchasing your wristband.

During Tuesday’s 1 pm media update Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced that the Government is looking to mandate the use of vaccine certificates for large-scale events.

Ardern was asked if everyone who wants to go to a summer festival would need a vaccination certificate? She responded “Yes”

The Prime Minister said “This is us forewarning you that if you are booked to go to a summer festival that whilst we’re continuing to work on the framework and some of the details, this is a warning to you or a heads up”

“Go out and get vaccinated now because you will need that vaccination certificate to be a part of that large-scale event”

The announcement came as the Ministry of Health revealed it’s currently piloting a new consumer app called My COVID Record. The app is set to be used to provide evidence of vaccination records.

One of the nations biggest festivals Rhythm and Vines posted a statement to Facebook saying:


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