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Ārepa challenges Aotearoa to chill out on the caffeine this October


In support of brain health, Ārepa is challenging Aotearoa to chill out of the caffeine for a week from 25 to 31 October.

Ārepa co-founder Angus Brown says they’re encouraging people to cut back on their consumption of caffeine as a way to get the brain functioning naturally, again.

“So many of us rely on our daily fix of caffeine, whether that be coffee, tea or energy drinks, to get through the day. What we often forget is the negative effects excess caffeine can have on our brains and bodies,” he says.

For the week of 25 to 31 October, people taking part in the challenge are encouraged to either go cold turkey or cut down to one caffeinated beverage per day.

Image caption: Ārepa brain drink co-founders Zac Robinson and Angus Brown go caffeine-free this October

Brown says human brains are capable of getting people through the day without caffeine, but many people have become reliant on the stimulant.

“Recent studies have shown that excess consumption of caffeine increases risk of dementia* and earlier research has shown that energy drink consumption heightens cardiovascular risk*. We believe that brains are better when they’re supported to work their best, rather than being propped up by caffeine,” he says.

Professor Scholey, who created Ārepa’s brain food formula, says Ārepa is a gamechanger in the brain health space.

“When Angus first contacted me, he believed there was a natural, non-caffeinated solution out there which people could use to support their natural brain function. After years of research, we believe we’ve found it with Ārepa’s unique formula. Ārepa supports cognitive function by lowering stress and increasing focus,” says Scholey.

Ārepa co-founder Zac Robinson says he’s gone completely caffeine free and he has more energy than he ever has.

“While it was a challenge to get over those first few days without coffee, now I never get the 3pm slump and I sleep so much better. I’m never going back,” he says.

Preliminary results in a clinical study undertaken at Auckland University School of Psychology, shows arepa has a similar effect on the brain as caffeine without the negative side effects. Results are to be published early 2022

Ārepa caffeine-free challenge runs from Monday 25 to Sunday 31 October, 2021.

Throughout the challenge week, Ārepa will hold webinars from leading experts in neuroscience, nutrition and mindfulness, who will provide helpful tricks and tips on how to improve brain health and mental wellness without the use of caffeine.

Andy & Annie are joining the Ārepa caffeine-free challenge, and you can too! Tune in, keep up to date with their progress, and find out how to WIN thanks to Ārepa