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Bodybuilder Ties the Knot with Sex Doll


This one is something else…

We’ve all got our own kinks, but Kazakhstani Bodybuilder Yuri Tolochko has taken his to the next level

After being in a relationship for the past 18 months, the bodybuilder has finally tied the knot marrying his lover, Margo – Who also happens to be a synthetic SEX DOLL

And just to prove we’re not making this up, here’s the video from their Wedding Day

Yuri and Margo had dated for eight months before he proposed a year ago. He even went as far as paying for her to get Plastic Surgery after she became “self-conscious” about her appearance

We have no clue how to round this article off… We’ll go with Congratulations?

(Hopefully, Margo doesn’t get to deflated in the relationship)