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Cadbury’s dropping a new ‘Perky Nana’ block


The latest chocolate flavour combo is coming! Cadbury has announced their new ‘Perky Nana’ Dairy Milk block is set to hit stores across NZ on Monday (2nd November).

The block will have banana flavoured marshmallow pieces and Cadbury’s traditional Dairy Milk chocolate.

“Perky Nana is a much-loved treat by Kiwis. After the overwhelmingly positive feedback we received from Perky Nana Lumps in 2019, we knew that turning it into a block was the obvious next step – the timing was ripe you could say,” a spokesperson for Cadbury NZ said.

“We believe Cadbury Dairy Milk inspired by Perky Nana blocks are going to be an absolute hit with Kiwis. We know they went bananas for the lumps variation last year and Perky Nana bars continue to sell well so we are excited to hear what the feedback is about our latest innovation.”