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LISTEN: Man found living in airport for 3 months!

Over in Chicago, a California man who police said claimed to be too afraid to fly due to Covid-19 hid out and lived in a secured area of...

LISTEN: Annie’s Meat Meltdown

We all know it, we as humans are creatures of habit.  When our habits and routines are disrupted it can be super frustrating. Have a listen to what happened...

LISTEN: Was Cardi B & Megan thee stallion’s Performance at the Grammys too much?

Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion performed their smash hit 'WAP' LIVE for the first time at the Grammy Awards 2021 The track is already known for its...

LISTEN: Can you drink through a face mask?

In these Covid times, facemasks have become one of those things you take with you where ever you go! Following the recent news of Australian Premier, Daniel Andrews...

LISTEN: How to fall asleep in 2 minutes using this ‘Military sleeping method’

Ahh, sleep... we all need it Some of us can hit the hay and be out like a light in minutes, for others it takes hours of tossing...


It's been a jam-packed week on the Andy & Annie show - Recap the best of the week with The Diary! Catch Andy & Annie, Weekdays 6–10 AM Right across the...

LISTEN: The Diary – The Best Bits of Andy & Annie for the week

Catch Andy & Annie, Weekdays 6–10 AM Right across the Central North Island on SKI or anywhere on iHeartRadio!

LISTEN: These songs are now BANNED in gyms

Music is a HUGE motivator when it comes to working out! However in South Korea, as Covid continues to be a problem gym-goers will no longer be allowed...

LISTEN: Lost Password leaving Man on brink of losing $300 million

You never know what the topic of conversation is going to be with Andy & Annie, on the show this morning it was Passwords and BitCoin! San Francisco...

LISTEN: Response to Tinder guy who asked for money back ‘owed’ from a date

Anyone dating on Tinder can tell you how punishing it can be - however one US woman's story of being asked to REFUND her date after they...